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Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Nonprofits & Associations

Know what your members and donors need, before they do.

You already know the value of your relationships with your new and loyal members, donors and constituents. After all, your success as a non-profit or association depends on them. What you might not know is how easy it can be to manage them.

Turn Relationships into Revenue

Microsoft Dynamics CRM and BroadPoint will help you understand your audience better so you know exactly how to attract, build and sustain those valuable relationships. Whether in person or online, you’ll be able to deliver more targeted appeals, campaigns and events. Built-in analytics help you measure what’s working so you stop wasting time and money on what’s not.

  • Compete with private sector and other nonprofits around the world
  • Build stronger connections with the board, members, donors, staff and volunteers
  • Schedule and send automated, personalized responses within Outlook
  • Manage and share donor and member profiles with staff
  • Plan and execute highly targeted appeals, campaigns and events
  • Track and analyze effectiveness of all marketing efforts in one place
  • Outlook Social Connecter manages all social media activity within Outlook

As the mid-Atlantic region’s largest Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can trust our experience and expertise to support you every step of the way. BroadPoint offers scalable technology with flexible deployment and license options to ensure your solution fits your needs and your budget for years to come.

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