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Business Intelligence

Before you can stand out, you must know where you stand.

Business Intelligence is no longer optional; it’s critical. Associations, nonprofits and member-based organizations face stiff competition and have to stand out to win. The information you already own is a HUGE competitive asset - if you use it to your advantage.

Transform information overload into insightful intelligence.

BroadPoint will turn your data into actionable insight. We offer Business Intelligence solutions with intuitive Excel and web-based reporting, user-friendly budgeting and forecasting, customizable dashboards, a centralized data warehouse and company-wide collaboration from anywhere in the world via the cloud.

  • Keep current on changing business conditions to accurately forecast the future
  • Gain serious insight into your business with drilled-down or holistic views
  • Monitor activities and transactions across roles, departments and locations
  • Convert strategy into measurable goals and performance
  • Budget accurately with integrated financial management and reporting
  • Provide employees and volunteers with mobile access to data and intelligence
  • Familiar Microsoft-based tools and interoperability

Technology is just one part of the equation when it comes to effective Business Intelligence. The partner you choose can make all the difference. You can depend on BroadPoint’s extensive experience with associations and nonprofits to help you define your needs, improve your processes and configure solutions to work the way you do. 

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