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Grant Management

Secure additional grants and awards to support your mission
with our grants management system solutions.

Securing grants and awards is becoming more and more difficult with new nonprofits popping up everywhere to compete for your money. But that’s just half the battle. Then you are tasked with complicated requirements and restrictions, tracking grant status, processing payouts and creating accurate reports for your stakeholders. 

Communicate. Collaborate. Comply.

A grant management system from BroadPoint will simplify the entire grant process from your initial solicitation through approval and award. We enable transparent integration with your other systems including web-based capabilities so collaboration with your grantor agency and your team is fast and easy.

  • Streamline the application process and get automated status updates
  • Customize team task lists and workflows for each stage of the grant process
  • Centralized repository to manage all grant programs and compliance documents
  • Set up unique tracking and reporting requirements
  • Microsoft Office interoperability allows you to work within your applications
  • Create custom templates and easily transfer data between documents
  • Connect a global and mobile workforce with anytime, anywhere access via the cloud

When your grants management system gives you the right tools to explore new opportunities for grants and awards, you’ll quickly exceed your own expectations. BroadPoint CPAs and nonprofit experts are ready to help you achieve complete visibility with connected grant management, donor management, financial management and fundraising management. 

For more information, visit our pricing page.

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