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Mar 6, 2017

What to Do When Your Members Stop Talking to You?

What to Do When Your Members Stop Talking to You?

Membership Management Means Listening to your Members

Most associations and non-profit organizations thrive by establishing relationships with their members. It’s important to listen to your membership, understand what they need and what is important to them, so you can deliver it. What happens when your members have gone silent? How quickly did you notice that a member or group of customers has stopped communicating?

Associations often depend on the traditional “member survey” to take the pulse of the membership. While surveys may offer new insights into membership needs and interests, they aren’t as successful as you may expect. Not all members take the time to fill out a paper or online survey and these could be the next to go silent. Members won’t have confidence in your organization if you can’t confidently show you understand their needs. Membership engagement is evolving, and the technology you may already have in place will support a stronger dialog and understanding.

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Strengthen Member Engagement With CRM

If you have noticed members have stopped talking to you, then turn to your customer relationship management (CRM) solution. CRM for associations provides a centralized location for all membership or customer-centric data. It also provides a new way to engage and communicate.

In your CRM solution, you will find valuable information about your members and customers such as the products or services they have purchased in the past, the results of membership surveys, as well as other documentation and forms of communication. Robust CRM solutions, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, also connect with many popular social networking sites, providing another valuable source for more information.

Dynamics CRM & Membership Management

Dynamics CRM offers dashboards and other business intelligence features that highlight key data indicating why your membership has grown silent. Turn to your CRM data to determine:

  • What’s happening in the social space. How are members talking to each other? What do they promote or praise? What do they criticize?
  • Evaluate the competition. Look at other associations and companies that may provide a service or benefit similar to those that you offer your member.
  • Analyze website traffic and associated metrics to see if there have been any changes in activity.

Dive into powerful business intelligence tools built within CRM to identify membership trends, such as which products or services are attracting attention and which marketing messages members are responding to—or not. Then, use this insight to reestablish communication and deliver the products or services that keep your membership engaged. Contact BroadPoint for additional guidance with using CRM to strengthen engagement and keep conversations flowing with your members and customers.

Posted by Steven LaGow on Mon - Mar 06, 2017

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