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Feb 14, 2017

How Constituent Relationship Management Helps Associations Work Smarter and Better

How Constituent Relationship Management Helps Associations Work Smarter and Better

This is an excerpt from the original article. The rest of the article of the same title is posted on AssociationsNow found here.

By: Christine Farrell, PMP, BroadPoint

Association professionals' days are busy, filled with member communications, big-picture planning, and the daily tasks of keeping an organization running smoothly. Introducing a program that automates and streamlines some processes can make the day a little less of a rush.

Imagine a new member navigates to your association website, clicks the "join now" button, and automatically receives a welcome email. A few hours later, he or she receives a personalized email highlighting key membership connections, such as local chapters or committees that might be of interest.

Now picture that your association's event director logs into the membership database and sees an interactive dashboard showcasing members who attended last year's annual meeting but who still haven't registered for this year's conference. Or visualize an automated communications tool that both notifies your board about upcoming meetings and serves as a collaborative workspace...

Posted by Steven LaGow on Tue - Feb 14, 2017

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